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Late Late Nite FDL: Stay on Target…Stay on Target…

(Further thoughts on the DC Madam scandal.)

Now, kids, I know there are few things in life more exciting than a good old fashioned scandal with Republicans getting caught engaging in illegal sexual activity. (Hey, did any of those families ever press charges against Mark Foley? Is he still in Pedophile Rehab?) But we do have some very, very important things to concentrate on this week.

There is the certain small matter of the Libby commutation, still, and frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me if somebody somewhere in the black, dripping cave that houses the bowels of the GOP’s Department of Dirty Tricks is chuckling at how gleefully we’re all pouncing on Mme. Palfrey’s Little Black Book. It is all a little suspiciously timed, isn’t it?

I mean, Chris Matthews is going to swoon like a little girl watching the new Zac Efron video when he hears all this stuff. He’s going to run and do a face-plant straight into every man, woman and child on Capitol Hill’s underwear drawer and we’ll never get a serious topic out of him until probably 2012. I’m already grinding my teeth in anticipatory irritation.

Also, if you look at the statement at her Legal Defense Site (so many of those these days!), Palfrey says that the reason they’ve made the records public now is out of fear that the original storage disc was pirated and possibly adulterated. Wouldn’t it be just like “Karl’s Shop” to pay someone to suddenly pop up and say, “John Edwards’ number is on that list!” or “I found Barack Obama’s office number!”?

Fortunately, thanks to Palfrey, we have the originals.

And finally, remember, when some Righty gets all up in your grille, squealing, “Clinton did it! Clinton did it!”, remind them that prostitution is illegal, just like outing covert agents and obstructing justice.

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