Mr. Happy Face and the Not-So-Good, Gonna-Get-Your-Limbs-Blown-Off, Treehouse of Fun

Ambassador to Iraq Ryan C. Crocker makes, I guess, his pitch for Americans to enlist to go serve in Iraq:

“You can’t build a whole policy on a fear of a negative, but, boy, you’ve really got to account for it,” Mr. Crocker said Saturday in an interview at his office in Saddam Hussein’s old Republican Palace, now the seat of American power here. Setting out what he said was not a policy prescription but a review of issues that needed to be weighed, the ambassador compared Iraq’s current violence to the early scenes of a gruesome movie.

“In the States, it’s like we’re in the last half of the third reel of a three-reel movie, and all we have to do is decide we’re done here, and the credits come up, and the lights come on, and we leave the theater and go on to something else,” he said. “Whereas out here, you’re just getting into the first reel of five reels,” he added, “and as ugly as the first reel has been, the other four and a half are going to be way, way worse.”

Well the kids these day do like to go to movies and be scared, so a tour of duty would be just like Hostel or Saw III….

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