Empty Suit To Gain Hollow Victory In Straw Poll

Mitt Takes Ames. Shoots.

Six months before the Iowa caucuses, Mitt Romney has taken a commanding organizational lead in this traditional kick-off state.

Arizona Sen. John McCain’s financial difficulties have forced him to dramatically scale back his Iowa campaign, and it’s not clear whether former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani or ex-Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson will fully engage in the Hawkeye State caucuses.

That leaves Romney as the sole representative of the GOP top tier to commit to the traditional Ames Straw Poll and offer himself to voters for up close and personal inspections.

Mitt is spending a considerable amount of the money that he made, showing The DaVinci Load in hotel rooms across this great pervy nation of ours, in Iowa to make sure that he wins at least one state and besides, Iowan’s just love bus rides and having attention paid to them every four years, so what’s the harm?

I bet you thought twice about clicking on The DaVinci Load, didn’t you? But you still did it…


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