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The Salazar Distraction

shell-game.jpgI understand that starting this week, Harry Reid is going to get tough and push for legislation that really will get us the hell out of Iraq.

One thing that I hope doesn’t happen is for anyone to get fooled by the bogus bill S. 1545, the “Iraq Study Group Recommendations Implementation Act” being floated by oh-so-“maverick” Republicans like Robert Bennett (R-Utah) and DINOs like Mark Pryor and Ken Salazar. This bill, which DailyKos frontpager mcjoan accurately calls The Salazar Distraction, sets unmeetable conditions for the withdrawal of US troops, thus guaranteeing we stay in Iraq forever while the “maverick Republicans” get to have it both ways: They can tell their constituents they voted for withdrawal when in fact they voted against it.

Of course, we all know that there will be big, big pressure on Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to back this bogosity simply because it’s “bipartisan” and because, y’know, Broderella wouldn’t like it if they raised their voices. [UPDATE:  And sure enough, that’s exactly how ABC News this evening handled the sucker:  As a nice bipartisan solution that avoided the icky extreme of, y’know, actually setting a real deadline that would bring the troops home.]  Your job is to push back against this bullshit.

Contact your Congresscritters and tell them to stop with the shell games. We’ll accept no substitute for total and genuine withdrawal — and that S. 1545 ain’t it:

U.S. Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121

Listing of U.S. Senators with phone numbers

Listing of U.S. House members

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