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CA Hate Crime Death

This murder is exactly what people opposed to hate crime laws want to continue happening without interruption or adulteration.

They don’t want murders like these to be examined.  They want more of them. 

I hope this story attains the coverage it deserves as Congress considers the illogical arguments about hate crimes limiting free speech as is promoted by religious fanatics in the country. 

(from the Sacramento Bee 7/4/07):  He (Sherrifs spokesman Sgt. Tim Curran) confirmed, however, that state parks investigators reported to sheriff’s officials that racial and homophobic slurs had been used against Singh and his friends.

Singh had been with six people — all of Indian or Fijian descent — at the picnic area near Lake Natoma on Sunday afternoon when trouble began brewing with another group partying nearby, said two friends who were there that day.

The Bee is not identifying the friends because they fear retribution.

The two friends said the other group — identified by the witnesses and sheriff’s officials as being of Russian descent — called Singh and his friends racial and homophobic names.

Friends said Singh is not gay, but they believe he was singled out because he did not have a date that afternoon. (end of quote)…

(From 7/7 at  Family and friends gathered today to say goodbye to a 26-year-old Sacramento man who succumbed to injuries he sustained during an alleged triple hate crime attack at Lake Natoma State Park last weekend.

Satendar Singh, 26, died Thursday, after his family agreed to take him off life support at Mercy San Juan Medical Center. (end of quote)…

Another layer of the horror of this story can be found in the comments posted on the story in the SacBee.  Sing is an immigrant and so are his supposed killers.  To the pinheads commenting this is an example of the immigration debate in the country. Nothing is said about sexual prejudice or religious bigotry. 

More of Singhs’ story –
(from the SacBee story):  At age 19, he won a coveted spot in a visa lottery, enabling him to leave his native Fiji for the United States. He built a life for himself in Sacramento, living with his aunt and uncle and later his grandmother, and touched the lives of those around him.

With his parents thousands of miles away — in Fiji with no passports and no visas — the heartbreaking decision to end Singh’s life support fell upon his aunt and uncle.(end quote)

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