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“Several hundred skinheads and right-wing activists threw rotten eggs and smoke bombs at people participating in a gay rights parade in Hungary’s capital Saturday.”  [For the full article, see here.]

I’ve written before how homophobic religious people are aligned with the most reactionary, fascistic, forces within society, and I want to use this latest event to hammer home that very point!  It is important to remember that anyone who claims to be a Christian and seeks to deny full and equal civil and sacramental rights to LGBT people, or who remains silent in the face of the denial of full and equal civil and sacramental rights to LGBT people, is aligned with such forces as skinheads, neo-Nazis, and White Supremacists! 

It is fruitless and deceitful to claim that one represents the Prince of Peace when one either discriminates against another, or remains silent in the face of such discrimination! Moreover, if one cozies up to those who oppress others, be they clergy or not, he/she has aligned him/herself with such haters as those who would throw rotten eggs and smoke bombs at others. 

Moreover, such a professing Christian, by his/her rhetoric and/or action and/or silence and inaction, helps create and reinforce the climate where such hate is expressed, and where the suicides, assaults, and murders of LGBT people occur all too frequently!

Don’t you dare go to church, and sing your pious hymns such as “Amazing Grace,” and assume that you are worshipping God when you have aligned yourself with the very haters of society that Jesus assiduously confronted and by whom He was crucified!

[Posted on my blog, A Christian Voice For Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, And Transgender Rights.]

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