Homos faking having sex

So says Matt Barber:

First of all, the term “marriage equality” is illusory. All men and women in the United States have equal access to marriage. But under the very definition of marriage (one man-one woman) no person has the right to marry more than one person at a time or to marry a minor child, a close relative, an animal or a person of the same sex. Generally speaking, any man can marry any woman. Just because one may choose not to do so, does not mean that he cannot do so. And just because one defines his identity based upon his choice to mimic sexual intercourse with persons of the same sex, it does not preclude him from marrying within equally applied parameters. He has equal access to marriage and by definition enjoys “marriage equality.”

I remember when “mimic”(ing) sexual intercourse was called “dry humping”. Oh, those crazy gay kids of today with their funny names for everything…

More Matt:

By co-opting and misapplying the language of the genuine civil rights movement, homosexual activists — along with kindred leftists in the media, government and elsewhere — are making considerable strides toward reshaping our culture. They’ve enjoyed much success in attaining official government recognition of a disordered and empty, though demonstrably mutable, sexual lifestyle.

They yearn for a society created in their own secular humanist image wherein all are compelled to not only accept, but to celebrate high-risk, unnatural and fruitless homosexual behaviors as both normal and equal to natural expressions of human sexuality. Their ideal is a society in which inherent gender distinctions are eliminated and God’s express design for human sexuality is replaced by morally relative and surreal notions of sexual androgyny.

I guess that it will not surprise you to find out that the steel-trap legal mind of Matt Barber was honed at… Regent University.

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