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Sara’s Sob Story

Via Rawstory … boy, Sara Taylor is pathetic. Faced with the likelihood that the Senate will hold her in contempt when she blows them off on Wednesday, her lawyer offers no legal argument, but a plea for pity.

Until six weeks ago, Ms. Taylor was Director of the Office of Political Affairs in the White House. She began working on the Bush Presidential Campaign in 1999, at age 24. After the President’s election, she accepted a position at the White House. She is now 32 years old, having worked most of her adult life for President Bush. She is unquestionably loyal to the President and his agenda. At the same time, she recognizes the burden on any citizen to respect the Senate’s processes and to be responsive to its subpoenas.


In our view, it is unfair to Ms. Taylor that this constitutional struggle might be played out with her as the object of an unseemly tug of war. She faces two untenable choices. She can follow the President’s direction, and face the possibility of a contempt sanction by the Senate, with enforcement through the criminal courts, an action that regardless of outcome, will follow her for life. Or, she can attempt to work out an accommodation with the Senate, which will put her at odds with the President, a person whom she admires and for whom she has worked tirelessly for years.

Shorter Sara’s lawyer: Please give her the "Presidential Admiration Exemption to a Senate subpoena." I’m sure your Constitution won’t mind.

This letter actually makes me eagerly anticipate the probability that Sara is going to receive a contempt citation after she refuses to testify Wednesday. She doesn’t sound like someone who has the stomach for this fight. It’ll make the fight all the more interesting if we get treated to Sara’s sobs stories on regular intervals, because it’ll ratchet up the pressure on Bush.

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