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Libby’s Going to Try to Get Out of Probation, Too

At least that’s what I’m wild-arsed-guessing from Libby’s latest addition to his legal team. From the docket:

NOTICE OF ATTORNEY APPEARANCE: Gregory Lawrence Poe appearing for I. LEWIS LIBBY (Poe, Gregory) (Entered: 07/06/2007)

Greg Poe is from the same firm as Lawrence Robbins (the guy who argued for bond and deigned to tell Judge Walton how Scalia would rule on the Appointments Clause appeal). He was added yesterday, just in time to settle the question of what happens to the supervised release of a felon whose prison sentence has been commuted.

And why would they bring in Poe to deal with this issue?

Greg has tried fourteen federal cases to verdict on behalf of criminaldefendants; he has presented oral argument in twelve criminal cases inthe federal courts of appeals; and he has successfully persuadedfederal district judges to vacate convictions in post-convictionproceedings.


Greg is a Barrister in the Edward Bennett Williams American Inn ofCourt; a member of the United States Sentencing CommissionPractitioners Advisory Group; and a member of the National Associationof Criminal Defense Lawyers. [my emphasis]

Boy, they sure had the response to Fred Fielding’s little "goof" read at hand, didn’t they? Scooter Libby. Somehow he always manages to catch a break.

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