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James Hartline to confront the homosexual agenda at a San Diego Padres game

This Sunday (July 8), the San Diego Padres are putting on a Pride Night celebration. It will feature the Gay Men’s Chorus of San Diego singing the national anthem, and supporters of Pride receive  discounted tickets and are given group recognition on the ballpark signboard.

As the date approaches the fundies are foaming at the mouth.

El Cajon-based Set Free Ministries, a 25-year-old ministry “dedicated to reaching out to the homeless, the addicted, the afflicted, the lost and the hopeless,” has announced plans to protest the event by distributing fliers to families entering Petco Park spelling out their objection to so-called “gay pride.

Pride Night coincides with a promotion where kids 14 and younger will get a free floppy cap, thus occasioning unwanted exposure to the “gay pride” movement by thousands of young children. J. D. Loveland, the Set Free Ministries development director, told the San Diego Union-Tribune that his organization wouldn’t have a problem with Pride Night if it didn’t coincide with the floppy cap promotion.

…”Loveland (says),‘We’re concerned about Christian parents and other parents who do not want to have to answer at a ballgame why Adam and Steve are doing what they are doing,'” Pride executive director Ron deHarte told the Union-Tribune. “We’re going to be wearing ball caps and jerseys. That’s the extent of the lifestyle they will be seeing.”

However, one of our favorite unhinged fundies, “ex-gay” activist James Hartline, resident of Hillcrest (the “homosexual stronghold“) has been touting his efforts to punish the Padres with a protest he will hold at the game.

What began as a few angry parents in San Diego, has now turned into a major blunder on the part of the political powerbrokers within the Padres administrative offices. However, the Padres are not backing down. They are choosing the side of homosexuality over the protection of kids, as well as the rights of parents to choose when they teach their kids about sexuality. Parents at the July 8th game will be forced to explain homosexuality, lesbianism and transsexuality to their little boys and little girls because of the celebration of gay pride during the Braves-Padres game.

Rally organizer James Hartline hopes that educational flyers being distributed to families coming to the ballpark will discourage parents from bringing their children inside of the stadium where they will be exposed to radical elements of the homosexual movement. Rally sponsor Scott Lively, President of Defend the Family International, hopes that the Christian response to the gay pride celebration at Petco Park will serve as a catalyst for awakening parental responsibility in a very sexualized culture.

…”We will not abandon these kids to the destruction of homosexuality,” says Dennis Martinez, a former national skateboard champion. A committed Christian and well-respected minister among America’s troubled youth, Martinez decided that he could not allow his ministry or its employees to compromise their commitment to Christ.

James got a woody after his item was picked up by WingNutDaily:

Brief Update: Our rally and efforts to inform families about the gay pride event at Petco Park is the Number 1 story on World Net Daily this morning. This is an incredible miracle from God as the Number 1 headline stories on World Net Daily are usually reserved for things like interviews with the president, terrorist attacks and major election results, etc. This is clearly the hand of God and His favor!

James is a busy man. He’s running for the 3rd District San Diego City Council seat this cycle; this unfortunately will get in the way of his efforts to confront the powers of darkness represented by gay rodeo, San Diego Pride (multiple times), Starbucks, and even the insane Lou Sheldon.

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