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Come Saturday Morning: The Road Taken (or not)

the-road.JPGNothing much to say — well actually, I’ve got a lot to say, I just don’t feel like focusing on one topic this morning.  What I really want right now is food:  Got some carrots sautéed in garlic, green onions chopped, mushrooms sliced, and a little bit of Laughing Cow cheese setting out in prep for my weekend morning omelette.

So while I go rustle up some grub, y’all sit back and comment on why silly Republicans seem to think that anything that pisses us off is somehow a ‘win’ for them, or on how the “maverick Republican opposition” to Iraq is a sick joke when the bill they’re backing would guarantee we stay in Iraq forever, or how the Democrats in Congress are getting around to using the power of the purse at last, or on the upcoming hearings on the Libby pardon (which FDL will be covering!), or on the pretty path in the picture above.

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