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And While We’re Talking about Taylors at the Center of the USA Purge

281 days. That’s how long–by my admittedly rough count–Jeff Taylor has been serving as Interim USA for DC. He’s been serving roughly 21 days since George Bush signed a law that effectively did away with the PATRIOT appointment he currently serves under. Yet there he is, a former DOJ clique-member, Counselor to the Attorney General for four years, and before that Counsel to the Republican-led Senate Judiciary Committee.
Yet come Wednesday, when it comes time to talk about a contempt citation for Sara Taylor, Jeff Taylor is the one who will get to choose whether or not he will serve that citation.

Now, perhaps Pat Leahy knows Taylor and is confident he’ll serve SJC’s subpoenas. But I doubt it, because if so, I’m guessing Taylor wouldn’t have that "interim" before his name still.

So why is Jeff Taylor still serving? When do we get our new USA for DC? Because, in about four days, it’ll become crystal clear that appointing a Senate-approved USA is long overdue.

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