The sanctity of my sanctimony is more
sanctimonious than your sanctimony
Islamic Rage Boy

Racist Rage Girl

Racist Rage Girl goes, like, OMG!!1! and is all like:

Who are these people and what on earth are they doing? Why, they are Australian aborigines hopping around half-naked and waving leafy green things to ward off the Eeevils of Modernity! You know–the same Eeevil Modernity that allows you to access photos of the aboriginal performers online, text your friends about it, and videoblog your eco-solidarity with the natives and their concert sponsors. Yes, friends, the global Gore-basm is underway. And there will be no shortage of cultish spectacles like this one to showcase eco-sanctimony.

I mean, what the hell is up people with waving leafy green things

…and smearing stuff on themselves

…in some sort of cultish spectacle to showcase their Jesu-sanctity?

It’s enough to drive a person to a life of drinking and indulging in Savior-Triscuitsâ„¢

Buncha religious kooks….

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