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9641a81a-30a9-48b7-9efb-40b4de496879.jpgI really do hate to think what the world would look like right now if there wasn’t a blogosphere because the only people who are speaking out against Joe Lieberman and his incessant nutjob calls to invade Iran seem to be bloggers. It’s not meant to be blogger triumphalism — there really isn’t anything remarkable about the ability to do so — you just have to wonder what’s wrong with everyone else that they aren’t.

Ezra Klein:

So Lieberman would like us to remain indefinitely in a Middle Eastern country, projecting our forces across the world so as to compete for dominance with a hostile state neighboring Iraq and sharing both a dominant religion and ethnic group. It’s a contest we can’t win. It’s a war, and a bind, Lieberman helped get us into. And it’s gotten so bad that he can’t think of any ways to win it, only to expand it.

Steve Benen:

I can’t wait to hear Lieberman’s pitch for a) how the military is prepared for another war in the Middle East; and b) how we’ll assemble some kind of international support given the Bush/Cheney/Lieberman track record thus far.

Matt Yglesias:

I like that he’s managing to compress what should be a years-long transition from moderate Democrat to psychotic rightwinger into just a few months.

The guy is consistently given cherry platforms on Sunday morning talk shows, cable news and in major op-eds to spread this nonsense and nobody ever makes the point that he’s nuts, or that most Americans think what he is espousing is nuts. Conversely (and perversely), he’s pushed out as the voice of a party he is not a member of, even as he publicly stabs the leadership and castigates major funders as traitors.

Hello, McFly. I know you all ascribe to that “Senate comity” crap but out here in the real world, it strikes us as odd that nobody seems to mention that Joe is bug fucking crackers.

Belligerently trying to irritate those who opposed your re-election is not a foriegn policy.

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