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Baptists For Brownback don’t believe in RAPE!!

I posted about this on my own blog but it’s far too important to not try and spread the word here.  I’ve never posted in my diary here, so if it appears unkempt I apologize. 

The Baptists for Brownback wish for us to use the euphemism U.S.E. (unplanned sexual event) not RAPE, and are hosting breakfasts around the country to spread the campaign. 

I?m sorry, but if Norm & I both get home at the same time and are in the mood, THAT?S an ?unplanned sexual event.?  RAPE is RAPE.  Mary being pregnant with Christ, now THAT?S an ?unplanned sexual event.?  RAPE IS RAPE, you fools.

I cannot believe that a group that should be tending to the spiritual counsel of young women?and that?s something churches should help with, IMHO?would have the audacity to tell a young woman who has just been raped that she should ?Praise Him for this Blessing? in her life.  Are you f*cking kidding me?

It gets worse.  In the comments these fools are asked, “What should the punishment for be for the rapist, again?”–to which the reply is–hold onto your hats–this tripe:

It is not up to us to make that decision or judgement.  That is between the Lord and the individual man.  If a woman has seduced the man in some way, however, then she is to blame.

Yes, these are real people who vote, folks. 

Funny, but I don?t see these same people ?Praising Him for this Blessing? when their homes are wiped out by hurricanes.  Didn?t Jesus advocate that the meek and poor would inherit the earth?  That it is easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God?  Then they should be ?Praising Him? for wiping out their homes and possessions, for now they can enter more easily.

The only good thing about all of this nonsense is the quality of the comments these *sswipes have received, but while some of the commenters there do illustrate what you and I may see as the preposterousness of the entire concept, the site?s author shows how serious this all is by writing:

In July we will be hosting our very first Freedom Toast Breakfast to officially launch the U.S.E. Campaign.  We are pleased to announce that so far there are 46 other Baptist churches in the Southeast committed to hosting a similar event.

Forty-six churches.  Try not to throw up. 

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