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Friday Late Nite: “Set the Table, Please”

America is ready to impeach Dick Cheney. Polling released Friday (ARG, via TPM Election Central) shows the American people support impeachment proceedings against the Vice President.

Congress can continue to investigate and educate the American public about impeaching the President. (Friday’s poll shows Americans are equally split on the issue of a Bush impeachment — !) But with regard to the Vice President, Americans have decided. Just do the popular thing, Speaker Pelosi:

Do you favor or oppose the US House of Representatives beginning impeachment proceedings against Vice President Dick Cheney?

All Adults 54% 40% 6%
Voters 50% 44% 6%

And since Tony Snow is all fired up to compare George Bush’s Libby payoff to Bill Clinton’s pardons, would someone in the White House press corps please ask him about America’s support for the Clinton impeachment?

Phase I: Aug-Sept 1998 (Before Impeachment)
Average support for impeachment and removal (10 polls): 26%
Average support for hearings (6 polls): 36%

Support for a Clinton impeachment never rose to the level shown in the Cheney poll — ever. The poll-takers need to ask the next question now: “Should Richard Cheney be impeached and removed from office?” But the poll-takers don’t work for us.

Congress does work for us, though. The American people want Vice President Cheney impeached, Speaker Pelosi. It’s time to set the table, please. It’s the right thing to do — and it’s popular too!

Can Congress impeach Dick Cheney before the upcoming anniversary of the Nixon resignation on August Ninth? It would be fitting to end the reign of this Nixon Zombie, the 46th Vice President, in time to celebrate the 32th anniversary of the Nixon resignation.

Robert Greenwald, unsurprisingly, makes the Cheney impeachment case very well. His Brave New Films release shows how Dick Cheney’s actual lies support Congressman Kucinich’s impeachment resolution. Please sign the petition! Mr Greenwald writes:

Dick Cheney has been a malevolent force on the checks and balances of American government for over six years. He has subverted government processes to lead us into this tragedy in Iraq, and is now seeking to do the same with Iran. Two countries, mind you, he did business with while CEO of Halliburton.

We are at an important moment in American history. For if we don’t take action in light of the High Crimes and Misdemeanors committed by one Richard Cheney, we might as well throw the word away. Because there will never be a time when it is more justified.

Is your Representative a co-sponsor of HR 333 yet?

UPDATE (h/t Cozumel): Yahoo News features this story as Friday nite’s “take out the trash” newsdump.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge