The Oogie Boogie Glatze












A former gay activist named Michael Glatze says he's going “ex gay”, and there's nothing anyone can say or do that'll change his mind.

……so what are you waiting for, Michael? Just don't push your new lifestyle on me and there won't be no problems. For that matter, I won't spend much time writing about you today, except for this one last thing:

Glatze is saying gays are all about “lust and porn”…..LOL!!! What the REAL problem is, Glatze is a fucking slut, and had intestinal problems/parasites because of his perverted lifestyle. The guy was having unprotected sex and putting his mouth on some unclean things. That's HIS problem, not mine! Instead of accepting the blame, this ho is blaming the entire gay community for his own choices and actions.

Where have I heard of this before?  Oh that's right – James Hartline, the human scarecrow.  This guy blames every gay person because of HIS own nasty behavior – he is HIV positive and won't accept responsibility for his past sluttiness. 

Like Hartline, Glatze didn't reveal anything about the gay community. But they did, however reveal their very own personal sick, twisted, unhealthy and perverted lifestyles.

Glatze pretty much told everyone he was a bag of bugs, just like Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas

So everyone join me and sing along to the “Oogie Boogie Song” – the official GLB song dedication to new “ex gay” and bag of bugs and parasites, Michael Glatze.

Welcome to the “ex gay” club, bug boy!

  Source: Queertardo  Source: Pam Spaulding

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