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Is this the Evidence that Libby Knew Plame Was Covert?

I found something nifty today when I was playing around in all my Libby Trial evidence. It’s either evidence that Libby knew Plame was covert … or it’s evidence that OVP went to some lengths to protect Dick and Bush. This involves a rethinking about the exchange from the Libby trial when Fitzgerald questioned Addington about the bogus stamp OVP used on lots of Libby’s notes. Here’s the passage in question:

Q Now, I wanted to talk now focus on the stampabove it that says "treated as crossed out, declassified." Now, is there such, first of all, I want to come back to "treated as," but do you know what it says underneath treated as?

A It says treated as top secret/S.C.I. all in caps…


Q What does S.C.I. stand for?

A Sensitive Compartment Information is information that deals with intelligence sources and methods in the President’s executive orclassification. Executive Order 12958 authorizes the Director of NationalIntelligence to put specially sensitive information in a Sensitive Compartment Information. It has entire controls for dealing with that type of information. Fewer people have access to it.

Q Now, the words "top secret" or "S.C.I." are those classifications that are assigned to classified documents?

A Top secret is a classification, and the Sensitive Compartment Information is special accessrule. It is not technically a clearance.

Q What about, have you seen documents, can they be properly classified as treated as top secret/S.C.I.?

A I had never seen a stamp treated as top secret/S.C.I. beforedocuments were produced to me with that stamp on it.

Q Is that in fact a proper classification?

A The present Executive Order on classified national security information doesn’t use that phrase. [my emphasis]

This part I’ve treated before. Fitzgerald has basically gotten Addington to admit that this "treated as" stuff is a bogus classification. Fitzgerald then points out that, on the letter he wrote accompanying this document, Addington explained that the note came to him with the stamp, "treated as Top Secret/SCI" on it.

Q When you transmitted this document to the Government, if could bring up Government’s Exhibit 507, Page 2, Page 1, sorry. If we could focus down to the last paragraph of the page and just, and does that describe the document we just looked at Page 002919?

A I think that was the document number on it, yes.

Then, Fitzgerald tries to get Addington to quantify how many of the documents turned over to investigators included the treated as Top Secret/SCI stamp. Addington refuses to do so.

Q Do you recall seeing any other document in that production that said "treated as topsecret/S.C.I.?"

A I don’t recall, but I don’t know how many documents. I wouldn’t necessarily remember sitting here.

Reverting back to his prior line of questioning, Fitzgerald gets Addington to provide details about who was stamping these documents with the bogus stamp.

Q Just a question yes or no, did you put that marking in there?

A No, sir.

Q Do you know when, how and who did from personal knowledge?

A On this particular page, no. ButI can say that, in the course of production, there were situationsin which I received in production copies of handwrittennotes of Mr. Libby’s that were marked treated as top secret/S.C.I. or treated as secret/S.C.I., various stamps saying treated as someparticular classification. That one, the government came back later and said giveus the originals and the originals were produced. They would not have that marking on it. From that I would conclude that the documents were taken from his file, provided by his staff, Xeroxed and stamped. However, this onelooks like it was stamped right on the original by someone. [my emphasis]

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