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Feeble analogy of the day

The latest attempt to describe why two people of the same sex getting married is destructive to society — witness the musings of Patricia Stebbins in the Cape Cod Times:

Homosexual marriage is akin to having two wheels on the left side of the cart and none on the other. Ergo, the cart goes nowhere and contributes nothing, particularly when one of the lefthand wheels keeps going off seeking other carts. Fidelity is not a hallmark of homosexuality.

Moreover, children need both a mother and a father to achieve a balanced psyche. So many adult children of deceased gay parents are now coming forward to describe a childhood steeped in the homosexual culture; who describe what it is like growing up in a one-sided world where they often struggle to find their own identity without role models.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding