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Corporate Takeover?

With Bush and the Republicans stinking like rotted corpses going into 2008, the forces of political physics have taken hold, and big business is looking for safe investments Democrats who will serve its agenda during the next few years.

So far, among the 2008 hopefuls, Senator Clinton is ahead, according to the latest issue of Fortune Magazine, though Obama seems to have the hedge fund folks sewn up (subscription required).

The Fortune article notes Edwards has some friends among those at the hedge fund where he once consulted, but the online version also includes a link to a previous article that asks whether or not Edwards is the main enemy among the 2008 hopefuls for the Fortune Magazine set.

According to the most recent article, this is not a hostile takeover attempt. You’ll see if you go and read the whole thing.

I expect Mark Penn feels pretty good about this new Fortune cover piece. But I wonder what organized labor is thinking about it?

One thing to bear in mind: a disclosure from the author of the most recent Fortune cover article: “Full disclosure: Writer Nina Easton’s husband is [was? — Pach] a consultant to the McCain campaign.” (hat tip to scarecrow for noticing that part, which I had missed the first time through).

Props to Fortune for including that bit of sunlight.

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