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Rude Response to Libby Commutation

Sometimes, only the Rude Pundit can crystallize my thoughts so eloquently:

There’s a million ways we can sniff at the foul stench of the hypocritical fart that blasted out of the White House yesterday.

There’s the What-if-Clinton…? gambit: While she was pardoned at the end of his presidency, you can bet that the same Republicans praising the Scooter Libby free pass would have been burning down the Capital if Bill Clinton had commuted Susan McDougal’s prison sentence, which she served.

There’s the Are-you-f*ckin’-kiddin’-me? sentence injustice stratagem: While Scooter Libby gets to stay free no matter what happens in his appeal for lying to a grand jury, Genarlow Wilson can’t get bail while appealing his conviction for having consensual oral sex with a girl two years younger than him. Or you could talk about most of the people in prison on drug possession charges.

There’s the George-Bush-is-just-an-@ssh*le obvious statement: Where you wanna go with this? Karla Faye Tucker? Any of the capital punishment cases that Bush took less than five minutes to decide were just? The prisoners who’ll never stand trial at Gitmo? Lift any g*dd*mn rock in the Rose Garden and you’ll find examples where mercy is ignored and/or injustice stands in the considered legal opinion of George W. Bush.

The whole thing is worth a read.  The day before he had this to say:

So, like, let’s just get this straight: a jury convicts Scooter Libby, a court sentences him to jail time, and the President commutes his sentence.

Meanwhile, regarding Gitmo, the Secretary of Defense is trying to figure out “a statutory basis for holding prisoners who should never be released and who may or may not be able to be put on trial.”

Seems like justice in America’s running just fine.

As for the “Clinton pardoned Marc Rich” argument, the idea that all presidents pardon people they’re connected to, well, hell, when over 3,500 soldiers have died because Marc Rich obstructed the investigation into who outed a secret CIA front company in order to preserve the lies that got those soldiers into a war, then we can talk.

This is different.  This is Bush continuing the obstruction of investigations into his own administration.  Nixon is spinning in his grave, saying, “Damn, if I didn’t tape everything, apparently I could’ve gotten away with much more!”  By commuting Libby’s sentence, Bush has so much as admitted that there is something he doesn’t want Libby testifying about.

This should get very interesting.  Unless, of course, Paris Hilton does something remotely semi-newsworthy.

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