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Obstruction Of Justice

cheneylibby.jpgRepeat after me:  obstruction of justice.  Why?  To protect the secrets and lies of the Bush Administration and Vice President Cheney.  Tony Snow brought this up in this morning’s press briefing:  “questions about Joe Wilson’s veracity”…blah…blah…blah.  It’s the spin cycle all over again from the White House, to try and obscure a simple truth — the Bush Administration and their various minions and apologists are the liars.

And I’m fairly certain that Dick Cheney wrote Tony Snow’s talking points on a cocktail napkin, because he has been stumbling over himself and blathering on and on…and doing the White House no favors in the process.

Josh Marshall gets this exactly right:

From day one this story has been about official lies — corrupt power buttressed by fraud. Along the way it became a story about the president’s hireling commentators who lost their honor by becoming part of the fraud. What Wilson said was true. His attackers are all parties to the same lie. Don’t forget that.

This is, and always has been, about protecting the asses of the powerful for all of the lies that they told and continue to tell the American public. President Bush’s commutation of the Libby prison term is just one more instance of the ongoing obstruction of justice.  It is that simple.

This is what the Democrats need to be saying today — over and over again — “obstruction of justice.”

Now, go read KagroX and Kung Fu Monkey, and keep hitting the phones and doing the work.  We continue to fight because the nation is depending on us.  And more of David Shuster please — thanks to C&L for posting the video of this.

(H/T to reader *xyz for the TPM link, to looseheadprop for the KagroX link, and to Atrios for mentioning obstruction.)

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Christy Hardin Smith

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