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Miami Beach mayoral candidate hangs anti-gay banner over house

With a sizeable gay population, it’s clear that Bill Smatt (the link is to his horridly designed web site) is willing to write off the homo vote in Miami with this campaign effort.

Driving down Alton Road, one might notice a large banner in front of a home that some have called homophobic and offensive. It reads: “God created Adam + Eve, not Adam + Steve.” The occupant of that house raised it as part of his campaign to become the next mayor of Miami Beach, a city that has a large population of gay and lesbian residents.

“I promise you, when I become mayor, we’re going to clean up all this funny business going on down there,” mayoral candidate Bill Smatt said about the large presence of gay and lesbians who find South Beach a welcoming place to live, work and party.

Smatt wishes they didn’t, and the sign in front of his house confirms it.

The 76-year-old native of Jamaica sees himself as a moral crusader. “I am bringing back Miami Beach for the families,” he said.

I see he’s brought the homophobic ways of Jamaica stateside. Nice. Unfortunately the large banner, which stretches across his entire yard,  is against code  in the city of Miami, so it’s likely his signage won’t be up for very long. It appears that Mr. Smatt, who calls himself “A Child & Messenger of God,” is a few short of a stack, since he recently made news for calling Miami a communist city.

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