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Predictable, Frightened Joe

LiebermanJoe Lieberman was on ABC’s This Week and once again proved that he’s not only the most predictable politician in Washington, he’s also the most frightened and divisive. Just wind him up and he goes through all his lines. John Amato at C&L has the proof.

How are things in Iraq? Shorter Joe: The surge is working, sectarian violence is down and Anbar is a success (he doesn’t count mounting US deaths or those we kill by mistake). We’re making great progress, but we should stay there no matter what.

Who should we fear? Shorter Joe: Iran is just like the Nazis. And Iran and al Qaeda are joining up to come get us over here.

I had an Arab diplomat say to me two weeks ago that what is happening in the Middle East today reminds him of what happened in Europe during the 1930s, when Nazi Germany began to make moves and the rest of Europe and the United States did not act quick enough to stop the Second World War. He was talking about Iran. Iran is on the move in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Afghanistan. And if we pull out of Iraq, Iran and Al Qaida are the victors. So my answer is, as long as we have a reasonable chance of success in Iraq, then I’m going to say it’s worth it for us to stay.

Because if Iran and Al Qaida take over Iraq, they will destabilize the entire Middle East, and they will strike at us here at home…

Gosh, if we’d only known it was this easy to reconcile the extremist Sunni jihadists with the fundamentalist Shia from Iran, we could have pursued this policy decades ago.

But the most predictable thing about Joe? As soon as he starts to talk about how awful partisanship is in Washington, duck, because you know he’s going to take another nasty shot at Democrats for being unpatriotic and unworthy of voters’ support — this time because they think the President should get a warrant and obey the law when he conducts surveillance. And anyone who gives money to Democrats? Well they’re downright “anti-American.”

Meanwhile, on Face the Nation, a leader of Joe’s favorite party was expressing a very different view (h/t C&L for the clip).

Shorter Richard Lugar: the surge couldn’t work even if we gave it years, because it will take longer than that for the Iraqi factions to agree with each other. So it makes no sense to wait for September (or March) for a surge report before thinking about a Plan B.

Lugar must be one of those extreme partisans Joe warned us about.

Finally, Cliff Schecter explains why the coalition of the willing is down to Barney. The Australian Prime Minister may like George Bush, but even he’s not crazy enough to follow Bush into Iran. But don’t worry about Bush being all alone. He’s inviting really smart people over for dinner to talk about good and evil.

Photo: Lieberman at Capitol, Larry Diamon/Reuters

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