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Watch and weep. I posted about this wingnut talking head Mark Smith before, but filmmaker Robert Greenwald of Brave New Films and part of the  Life The Ban movement, released this ace clip on Smith’s comment on CNN that allowing gays and lesbians to openly serve would be a dangerous distraction — akin to allowing Hooters waitresses in the foxhole with him.

MARK SMITH, CONSERVATIVE COMMENTATOR & CONSTITUTIONAL ATTORNEY: Well, I think we have to keep in mind that the military is about winning wars.

And, as a civilian, I’m not comfortable second-guessing the military with respect to military policy during a time of war. To me, putting openly gay people in the military is a social experiment. And now is not the time for it.

But, certainly, there — there certainly are concerns about having, you know, openly gay people in the military. I mean, the example I like to give is if — for example, if you put me in a platoon with nothing but, let’s say, Hooter waitresses, that’s going to distract me, and I’m not going to be focused on winning the war. I am going to be focused on other things.

And that’s the sort of tension, that, frankly, can hurt the morale and hurt the fighting mission. So, to me, I understand what the military is getting at. And I’m not here to second-guess military decisions on these kinds of critical issues about winning wars.

Hat tip, Howie Klein.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding