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Late Nite FDL: Losin’ the Country

Merle! I’m not as isolationist as this song gets, but word to the GOP: When you’ve lost Merle Haggard, you’ve lost America. In fact, the only thing that can save the Republicans after today’s fiasco is a Democratic Party too timid to do its job. As I’ve said before, Hag and a lot of other swing voters aren’t “bipartisan” – they’re antipartisan. They’re not waiting for Gerald Rafshoon and some other Beltway insiders to serve up some mushmouthed centrist pablum. They’re looking for people with spine.

This is Day Two of Late Nite FDL under Country Music Occupation. I love it – but even if you don’t, don’t leave this video before Merle says it plain and simple: “Get out of Iraq.” Do you think the 70%-plus of Americans who agree want to hear that “we don’t have a veto-proof majority”? They want action. Show them. Make Bush veto an end to the bloodshed. That won’t hurt you politically – and you’ll respect yourself in the morning.

As for today’s Scooter madness, mad love to Jane and the whole FDL crew for their incredible coverage all along. This isn’t the end. It’s the beginning, at least if Congress keeps pushing forthe truth. By keeping Scooter out of prison Bush has revealed not only his own venality, but his entire party’s. If the Democrats fight, today’s action can be one battle on the road to victory.

Scooter’s just a part of Cheney’s machine – the Lizard Brain that runs the government, almost autonomically, on behalf of the GOP and its sponsors. It’s not surprising that Cheney would argue he’s not part of the Executive Branch. These guys have always felt they were above the law. I want that to stop. I bet Hag does, too. I don’t know if that guy who calls himself “Mudcat” thinks it’s uncivil of me to think Scooter should pay for his crime, but I care more about what Merle thinks. He paid his debt to society; Scooter didn’t.

Dems have to investigate Cheney, and hammer him on the argument (even if it’s retracted) that he’s in both the Executive and the Legislative Branches, and therefore bound by neither. It’s the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. The state of his office depends on the observer, not the office itself.

Remember “Schrödinger’s Cat”? It’s neither alive nor dead until the box containing it is opened. Now Cheney’s lawyers have invented Quantum Law – but guess what? Congressional subpoenas are the equivalent of opening the box.

Light. It can be either a particle or a wave. Thanks to Cheney, we now learn that the same is true of darkness. Most Americans outside the beltway want the madness to stop. Step up, Democrats.

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RJ Eskow

RJ Eskow

RJ Eskow is a musician turned corporate executive and consultant, with public and private sector experience in over 20 countries. Mostly health care and technology - plus, as the old song would have it, "a bit of what you fancy."