The life-ending shame of “loss of reputation”“Actually the Scarlet ‘A’ stands for Abrams…”

As we ponder the bidding war to see which wingnut welfare office (AEI, Heritage, NAMBLA) gets to land the singular talents of one I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Jr. it is important to remember that George Bush, by failing to completely exonerate Mr Libby by going back in time and making the trial not happen by stepping on a butterfly like in that Ray Bradbury story with the dinosaurs, left Scooter with the shame of a felony conviction on his permanent record that will keep him out of some of the finer mens clubs in Georgetown, as if his being Jewish wasn’t bad enough.

As we can see from the sad tale of Elliott Abrams , lying to Congress, combined with denying that indigenous brown people were being slaughtered by right wing death squads, forced Elliott into years of penury, moving from think tank to think tank in an effort to keep his neo-con street cred viable because, after all, nobody wants to hire a neo-can’t. Fortunately a compassionate George W. Bush decided to give Elliott “one more chance” and he’s back doing what he does best; making sure that another kind of indigenous brown people know their place on God’s green earth….if not “on” it, maybe six feet “under” it.

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