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(I’ll be on Rachel Maddow’s show on Air America at 7:05 ET/4:05 PT talking about the criminal cabal’s evasion of justice)

Demonstrating his complete contempt for trial by jury, rule of law and his own Department of Justice appointees, George Bush thumbed his nose once again at the very concept of democracy and the Beltway Brahmins are cheering. The dirty unwashed masses who populate our juries are fit to judge each other, but evidently not the ruling class. David Broder can breathe a sigh of relief that People Like Him are safe from those overly zealous US Attorneys who might want to hold them accountable to the same absurd standards that the little people must live by.

How quaint.

The White House has turned off their phone lines. Evidently they don’t want to hear what you think. There will still be phones tomorrow, and I don’t imagine anyone who cared enough to drop Dubya a line is going to forget.

I hope all those who predicted that there would be such a cry of outrage over this that Bush will somehow pay a huge price are preparing to, you know, be outraged.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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