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Winger legal group wants to stop NC educational seminar on gay youth

Or as OneNewsNow’s headline bleats, “Legal group wants elite NC summer school free of sexual indoctrination.”

The Governor’s School of North Carolina is described as a “program for intellectually gifted high school students, integrating academic disciplines, the arts, and unique courses.” One of the seminars that unhinged winger parents last year was “The New Gay Teenager.”

Jim and Beverly Burrows say after their son attended a Governor’s School seminar called “The New Gay Teenager,” he began telling them he was unsure of his “sexual orientation.”

…”He [said he] was thinking now that he perhaps was gay — and of course I was floored by this [pronouncement] and was, like, ‘where did this come from?’ This kind of came out of left field,” the dad says. After questioning his son for an extended period, Burrows says he discovered the source. “I found out that this was as a result of this seminar.”

Yes, sitting in a seminar turns you gay. That’s all it takes in the minds of these folks. If it were that easy, then all these ex-gay programs would be a roaring success!

Anyway, the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) wants North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper to scrutinize the school’s program and sweep away any sign of “gay indoctrination.” Obviously, The Homosexual AgendaTM is an integral part of the curriculum.

“Some concerned parents who were obviously very alarmed when they found out about this contacted the Alliance Defense Fund,” he says, “and we put the state officials on notice that that kind of unlawful and illicit programming cannot be tolerated.”

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