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Sick, Sick, SICK

sicko.jpgEven as Michael Moore‘s latest film Sicko opens to excellent reviews, the US media seems to have spent much of the past few weeks doing America’s health-care industry a big fat favor by using bogus ‘information’ to undermine Moore’s call for single-payer health care.

You’d never know it from Howard Kurtz or Jeff Greenfield, but most Americans want exactly what Moore says they should have: Single-payer health care. Yet Kurtz, Greenfield and other GOP/Media Complex stalwarts are doing their damndest to pretend that, just as with the opposition to the Iraq atrocity, only fringeoid wacky-tackies would hold such opinions. (Meanwhile, CNN’s Glenn Beck — who has fantasized on the air about murdering Michael Moore — is apparently considered to be nice, mainstream and respectable by our GOP/Media moguls.)

Then again, why should we expect anything different from these people? As Media Matters reader Rajesh points out (and as I’ve found out through sad experience), they routinely snuff letters dissecting Bush in favor of the worst pro-Bush garbage so as to keep a “balance” that exists only in their heads and in those of the Republican National Committee zampolit to whom they apparently report on a regular basis.  (Remember, while the Republicans’ buddies were paying for the silly “Harry and Louise” ads, it was “liberal” Howell Raines of the New York Times that led the media charge to destroy Hillary Clinton’s health-care reform plan, and whose attacks against the Clintons were given the most respect.)

Sick, sick, sick.

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