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Look at who's on board with Hillary

The Clinton campaign has announced the formation of a national steering committee of more than 65 leaders in the LGBT community — “LGBT Americans for Hillary.”

The who’s who can be found after the jump.There is a note clarifying that the endorsements below reflect support individually, not as a member of their organization.

LGBT Americans For Hillary Steering Committee Members (Committee In Formation)*:

  * Eldie Acheson, former U.S. Assistant Attorney General; founding director, Public Policy and Government Affairs, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
  * Roberta Achtenberg, former Assistant Secretary, U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
  * Toni Atkins, San Diego, CA, City Councilmember
  * Dr. Christopher Barley, activist, philanthropist
  * Greg Berlanti, executive producer, TV series, “Brothers and Sisters”
  * Elizabeth Birch, former Executive Director, Human Rights Campaign
  * Mary Breslauer, former co-chair, Kerry-Edwards 2004 LGBT Steering Committee; communications consultant
  * Tonio Burgos, member, Democratic National Committee LGBT Caucus
  * Ilene Chaiken, creator/producer, Showtime series, “The L Word”
  * Rocco Claps, former LGBT Outreach Director, Democratic National Committee; Illinois LGBT activist
  * Bruce Cohen, Oscar-winning film producer
  * Roberta Conroy, member, National Leadership Council, Lambda Legal
  * Joan Darrah, retired U.S. Navy Captain
  * Q. Todd Dickinson, former Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  * Thomas Duane, New York State Senator
  * Ingrid Duran, board member, Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
  * Steve Elmendorf, Deputy Campaign Manager, Kerry-Edwards 2004
  * Shelley Freeman, business leader, Los Angeles Police Commissioner
  * Ethan Geto, long-time gay rights advocate
  * John Gile, Executive Director, Project Angel Food
  * Emily Giske, member, Democratic National Committee LGBT Caucus
  * Deborah Glick, New York Assemblymember
  * Steven Goldstein, Chair, Garden State Equality
  * Chad Griffin, CEO, Chad Griffin Consulting, Inc.
  * Rebecca Haag, Executive Director, AIDS Action Council; Executive Director, AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts
  * Yashar Hedayat, businessman
  * Lisa Henderson, General Manager, Olivia Cruises
  * Stephen Herbits, businessman
  * Fred Hochberg, former Deputy then Acting Administrator, U.S. Small Business Administration; Dean of the Milano School for Management and Urban Policy, The New School
  * John Isa, board of directors and Business Council member, Human Rights Campaign
  * Gloria Johnson, board member, National Stonewall Democrats
  * Christine Kehoe, California State Senator
  * Keith Kerr, retired Colonel., U.S. Army; retired Brigadier General, California National Reserve
  * Kasey Kincaid, attorney, Iowa grassroots activist
  * Billie Jean King, sports legend and social pioneer
  * Sheila James Kuehl, California State Senator
  * Mark Kvare, board member, National Stonewall Democrats
  * Neel Lattimore, Special Advisor for Strategic Communications, Children’s Defense Fund; former press secretary for the First Lady
  * Bruce Lehman, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks
  * Sue Lovell, Houston, TX, City Councilmember
  * Claire Lucas, chair, Democratic National Committee LGBT Leadership Council; board member, National Stonewall Democrats
  * Linda Gray Murphy, board member, National Stonewall Democrats
  * Daniel O’Donnell, New York Assemblymember
  * Dixon Osburn, LGBT activist on “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy
  * Annise Parker, Houston, TX, City Controller
  * Catherine Pino, board member, National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce
  * Julian Potter, former Special Assistant to President as Liaison to the Gay and Lesbian Community
  * Christine Quinn, Speaker, New York City Council
  * Hilary Rosen, President,; media industry consultant
  * Peter Rosenstein, DC-based LGBT community activist
  * Mirian Saez, member, Democratic National Committee LGBT Caucus
  * Greg Sargent, attorney, New Hampshire LGBT activist
  * Jayne Baron Sherman, co-chair, In the Life Media; former board chair, Lambda Legal
  * Melissa Sklarz, Director, New York Trans Rights Organization; vice chair, National Stonewall Democrats
  * Paul M. Smith, board member, Lambda Legal; Attorney who successfully argued the landmark case, Lawrence v. Texas, establishing the right to privacy for gay Americans
  * Jeff Soref, former chair of the Democratic National Committee LGBT Caucus; former co-chair, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
  * Laura Spanjian, board member, Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund; board member, Equality California
  * Campbell Spencer, former National LGBT Outreach Director for the Democratic National Committee and Gore-Lieberman 2000
  * Rick Stafford, chair, Democratic National Committee LGBT Caucus; co-chair, National Stonewall Democrats
  * Jill Stauffer, board of directors, Human Rights Campaign
  * Sally Susman, business leader
  * Rev. Deborah Tammearu, Episcopal Priest, Diocese of New York
  * Matthew Titone, New York State Assemblymember
  * Jeffrey Tooke, board member, National Stonewall Democrats
  * Olive F. Watson, activist and philanthropist
  * Paula Redd Zeman, vice chair, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force; vice chair, Black Democrats of Westchester
  * Bob Zuckerman, board member, National Stonewall Democrats
  * Jose Zuniga, retired U.S. Army Sergeant and former Soldier of the Year; Executive Director, International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care

John Edwards released his list of a while back:
* Early adopters — some prominent LGBT folks ‘come out’ for John Edwards
* More LGBTs ‘come out’ for Edwards

H/t, Queersighted.

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