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What a screecher:

The accompanying article is entertaining as well. 

St. Petersburg, Fla., officials are sticking with plans to limit free speech at the city’s homosexual festival this weekend, after fighting off complaints they are creating unconstitutional “free speech zones.” Instead, the city will be limiting some signs and banners to an area “adjacent to the Permitted Street Closure Area.”

The issue is that generally, court opinions have held “free speech zones” do not meet requirements of the First Amendment.

So the city is no longer calling the area a “free speech zone,” although it still is marked as the “FSZ” location on an event map.

But according to a permit for the weekend’s events, those who wish to use “amplified sound and/or hand held signs and banners that extend beyond the torso of the person holding them,” and “signs/banners on sticks, or other rigid objects,” will be relegated to a designated area “adjacent” to the actual event area.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding