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For Life, For Jane…

Yesterday, Jane completed her endurance marathon of chemo treatments.  (Woo hoo!!)  She has been having treatments every two weeks for the last four months, and you never would have known it on the front pages of FDL. 

How anyone could endure the level of chemo she’s been living through and still snark at Toxic Joe and Shooter is astonishing enough — but she and I spent time on the phone yesterday while the chemo drip was still in her arm, laughing about how Susan Collins should have just written Lieberman a check to stay away from her fundraising shindig.  (Honestly, a $50,000 Stay Away Joe payoff would have been a smarter investment for her.  How sad is that?)

Jane truly is a force of nature, and we are all so grateful that she’s come through this second stage of treatment as well as she has.  There is still a ways to go, but she’s been doing amazingly well thus far.  And she is going to kick this cancer’s ass.

You guys have been so supportive, and I wanted to let you know that it has meant the world to Jane. 

We’ve talked so many times on the phone while she was at the hospital for blood work, or getting ready for her chemo, or just home trying to rest…and yet still plugged into the blog via the ever-present Treo.  And all the cheers and notes of support from all of you have really kept her going at the low points.  I just can’t thank everyone enough for that — you guys rock — so I want to do you a favor in return this morning.

I realized yesterday, after I got off the phone with Jane, that I had cancelled my mammogram last year because of some breaking news issue that I needed to chase down or something that needed liveblogging (don’t even remember why at this point), and then had forgotten to reschedule it.  This morning, I called my doctor and made another appointment for an exam and a mammogram.  No more putting it off for me, not with my family history of several cousins and my mom all having breast cancer and my history of precancerous lumps.  My time with The Peanut and Mr. ReddHedd is too precious.


And it occured to me that some of you out there might have put off your annual exams as well because…and let’s face it…life gets busy and who likes being felt up in all the uncomfortable places or having their boobs smashed between cold, metal bricks?

This goes for the men in the audience, too.  Get that prostate exam.  And get the folks in your life to get their exams as well.  My mom discovered her breast cancer during a mammogram that I badgered her into getting after I found my own lump.  It was a very invasive and aggressive type of cancer, and her oncologist told me that finding it early via that mammogram saved her life.  Your life is just as important — do schedule an appointment.

Just do it. Make the call, schedule the appointment…for life.

For Jane.

Huge thank you to my photo sneak, Jane’s sister Pam, for the lovely shot of Jane dancing to YMCA just days ago.  hehehehehe  Luv ya, Jane!  Love the Melissa Ethridge song “I Run For Life” in the YouTube above — here’s an Amazon clip for the dial-up crowd.

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Christy Hardin Smith

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