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Won’t You Be My Friend?

The Firepups have joined the social networking world with the launch of a Firedoglake group on Facebook – and many of us have jumped in, creating our own profiles and checking out all the bells and whistles. I thought it would be fun to chat about what we’ve found so far – and also let folks who are confused by this brave new world ask questions about how to join or what all these new toys are. Since almost all of us are new to this, I hope everyone will share their own tips and tricks so we can learn together as a community.

When we use new technology, we gain a new tool – one we can shape and use to do what we want. So let’s explore the possibilities. One Firepup – tw3k – is working on an FDL reader for Facebook, Pach used the group feature to remind all of us to make a donation before the end of the quarter to our great Blue America candidates,and yesterday when we had a server hiccup on FDL, many of us popped onto the Firedoglake group page to stay in touch until our tech wiz team sorted that out. I’ve started posting a few news clips each day on my page that I’d like to share with friends and I’m using my status message to encourage folks to call their reps about Habeas.

But we’re just beginning to explore. With all the extra FB applications and with the creativity of the FDL community, we have a lot to work with. And as we use Facebook more – and our connections there spread beyond our Firepup friends to the other networks we connect with – our activism can spread with us.

So I’m curious – which applicatons have you tried? What was fun or what’s a waste of space? How are you using your page and what would you like to do with this whole new set of tools?


For folks who are interested in the wider Social Networking phenomena, check out Viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace – (h/t Matt Stoller for the link.) It’s an interesting look at how the two big SNS are used by teens. The author – Danah Boyd – notes that this essay is not an academic paper but a blog post where she’s opening up a discussion. Boyd’s done some pretty amazing work and her blog Zephoria is a great place to learn more.

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