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This bears mentioning.

Congress subpoenaed the White House for information on the USA Purge on June 13, just 15 days ago. Already, OLC has done its review, Paul Clement has written his opinion, and Fred Fielding has provided a response to Congress. 15 days.

Bill Leonard, head of ISOO, wrote Alberto Gonzales on January 9 for an opinion on whether Cheney was indeed exempt from Bush’s own Executive Order. On June 4, DOJ responded to a FOI request and as much as said that DOJ had not done any work on Leonard’s request. A DOJ spokesperson has since said there has been no work done. (Though on June 22, DOJ said it was reviewing the matter.)

Leonard first made his request 170 days ago, more than 10 times as long as it has taken DOJ to review the question of executive privilege. And still, DOJ has not provided its opinion as to whether Cheney has to follow the rules.

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