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Log Cabinettes hail poll showing GOP support for LGBT rights

The Log Cabinettes issued a press release about GOP pollster Tony Fabrizio’s recent findings that show Republicans on the whole are more supportive of LGBT rights than the fringe homophobic wing of the party would like to believe.

* In a remarkable show of unity on a bill that will come up for a vote in the U.S. House this summer, an overwhelming 77% of Republicans believe an employer should not have the right to fire an employee based solely on their sexual orientation.  Even among social conservatives, 67% don’t believe an employer should be able to fire someone for being gay.  “Republicans in Congress who will vote later this summer on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act should take these numbers to heart,” said Sammon.  “Rank and file Republicans support this common sense legislation.”

* 49% of Republicans believe gays and lesbians should be able to serve openly in the U.S. military, while 42% are opposed.

* 43% of Republicans support either marriage equality or civil unions.  51% oppose all relationship recognition.  “There’s much more work to be done educating Republicans about this issue, but we’re encouraged that almost half of Republicans support basic fairness for gay and lesbian families,” said Sammon.

* 53% of respondents agree that “the Republican Party has spent too much time focusing on moral issues such as abortion and gay marriage and should instead be spending time focusing on economic issues such as taxes and government spending.”

* When asked “What issue do you think best defines the Republican Party today?” only 5% said “traditional marriage/family values.”  85% selected other issues, including the war on terrorism, immigration, homeland security, national defense, taxes and the economy.

This is progress, but you have to think this is a lot of wishful thinking on the part of the LCRs if they believe that the upward trend of support and tolerance is because of “working on the inside” of the GOP for change.

The shift is more likely due to Republican disillusionment after watching the public implosion of the people in the pulpit like Ted Haggard, corrupt pols on the Hill, and the  professional homophobes that have been overreaching — Traditional Values Coalition, Focus On the Family, Family Research Council. All of them are growing more shrill by the day, obsessed with denying civil rights to LGBT citizens as our country faces real problems, such as Bush’s Big Military Adventure, global warming, immigation, poverty and government corruption and waste.

On the plus side, the Log Cabinettes can point to faithful Republican lesbian Mary Cheney for twisting a lot of fringe-right knickers by procreating.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding