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Senate Judiciary Subpoenas OVP


Just now, news has hit the wires that the Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by Pat Leahy, has issued a subpoena for Dick Cheney’s office as part of the warrantless wiretapping investigation. More news as we get it, and links. CNN has a news alert at the top of their home page at the moment. Think Progress has more, including Leahy’s statement. Here’s the AP. (hat tips to many, including Bustedknuckles in the comments)

Meanwhile, here’s some family values, Cheney style. From John Aravosis:

Bush is now threatening to veto the DC Appropriations bill because it no longer includes gay-bashing language that the GOP has put in there for years. The language banned the DC government from using federal funds to in any way support domestic partner benefits, civil unions and the like (not that the DC government was using federal funds, but it was a nice chance for the GOP to gay bash anyway). Now that the Democrats have dropped the GOP gay-bashing language from the bill, George Bush is threatening a veto.

First off, has Bush learned nothing from the fact that his vice president has a daughter, Mary Cheney, who is a lesbian, and who just had a child – in DC – with her lesbian partner, Heather Poe? What Bush is saying is that should Heather end up in a hospital in DC, dying, Mary won’t be allowed to see her because she’s not “family.” What Bush is saying is that if Mary and Heather’s baby, Samuel David Cheney, ends up in a DC hospital with a serious illness (and forget him if he ends up in Virginia) only one parent (we’re not sure which) will be allowed to visit because both clearly aren’t the biological parent of their baby. (And it’s interesting that Mary and Heather, who live in Virginia, chose to come to DC to have their baby – a city in which they have far more rights as a lesbian couple than they have in Virginia. Yet now those rights are in danger of being taken away by the man Mary helped get elected. Way to go, mom.)

Forget the phony photo shoots. If Dick Cheney doesn’t stand up and say “no” to this, he thinks as much of that baby as he does Klamath River salmon.

Way to go, Gramps.

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