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Did I mention that it was thunderstorming something fierce here in SE Michigan? Yes, raining and pouring, too.

This morning, when I read the famous Executive Order that Cheney claims to have exempted himself from, I noticed a key paragraph:

The Attorney General, upon request by the head of an agency or the Director of the Information Security Oversight Office, shall render an interpretation of this order with respect to any question arising in the course of its administration. [my emphasis]

You see, I’m no lawyer, but I have written enough pretty hardcore business and government documents to know there’s a crucial difference between "shall" and "should." Shall is mandatory, with legal umph. Should is kind of wishy-washy, if you feel like it, ought to. So I was wondering when the Democrats were going to point out to Alberto Gonzales that he shall provide a response to Bill Leonard’s request for a ruling on whether or not Cheney is, indeed, exempt from this Executive Order.

Ask and you shall receive:

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