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Another reason why I agree with Nancy’s post below

Two posts below, Nancy Goldstein makes a strong case about the reasons why Dems will not get her contributions until they step up to the plate for gay rights.

I agreed with her in the comments section (as did many/most of the Blender commenters in that post).

Although originally from Indiana, the state in which I spent most of my adult life is Florida – 1990-1994, 2001-2006 – Miami/Miami Beach specifically.

One of the many reasons I am glad to be living in New York City now is Florida’s adoption law. As those of you who read this blog already know, Florida is the ONLY state that prohibits ANY gay or lesbian to adopt.

However, the head of the state’s department of children and families, under the long rule of Jeb, turned into what amounts to a republican/bush-crony appointed position, and of course it is in severe disarray, and has been for years.

Now, a gay or lesbian resident of Florida can be a foster parent (the deluge of kids is too great not to allow that bit of common sense), but if they want to adopt a child that has been in their home…no dice.

So in the Miami Herald today, I come across this little gem of a headline:

Foster parents of abducted tot had cloudy past

And the subhead (bolds mine): “The state-approved foster parents for a toddler who went missing had twice been accused of child abuse, a state report says.”

Then come the first three paragraphs of the story (below the fold): Before 2-year-old Courtney Clark went missing from foster care for four months — and before she was found in a Wisconsin home with an 11-year-old torture victim and a woman’s body buried in the backyard — state child welfare administrators left her in the care of Cynthia and Mark Martell.

Documents released Tuesday by the head of the state’s child-welfare agency suggest the Martells had dubious qualifications to be foster parents: In 2003, the Department of Children & Families had found ”some indicators” that a child in the Martell home in Sorrento had been sexually abused and faced “threatened harm.”

The department turned over the allegations to local enforcement, though no charges were ever filed.

“Some indicators?????”

This is just another story like the countless that happen every month – hell, every WEEK – in Florida’s Dept of Children and Families.

And they spend more money and time in the Florida legislature fighting the overturn of the gay adoption ban than they ever do fighting for children languishing in the foster system, even those thousands that end up lost, raped, hit, punched, killed…

So no, thank you, Dems. I am not contributing my money to your campaign either. Not until you stand up to the hypocrites in office and in mega-churches around the country whose hypocritical bullsh*t is ruining the fiber of this so-called “great” country.

/end rant


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