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Some Questions

Paul Kiel has an important post on vote caging that raises one big question for me.

Kiel’s post quotes the RNC spokesperson as connecting the vote caging activities in Florida with allegations about ACORN registration drives.

In response to Palast’s story, the Republican spokeswoman denied ina statement that the list had been generated in order to challengevoters. But she went on to argue that Jacksonville “has been affectedby massive fraud efforts this year as a result of the work of ACORN, athird party organization supporting the Kerry campaign and theDemocrats.”

One of the wonderful prevarications offered by Brad Schlozman is that the ACORN investigation–which in MO found almost nothing and was self-reported–is national.

You’ll recall that Brad Schlozman indicted 4 former ACORN workers (oneof whose name he got wrong) for submitting fraudulent voter reginformation. Well, he strongly suggested that the indictments were notpart of a national investigation (a few Senators hammered him on thispoint–suggesting that, since the investigation was not national, itshouldn’t have been filed before the election). But, at the same time,Schlozman indicated over and over again that the investigation is national.

Does anyone get the feeling that a specious investigation into ACORN is serving as the basis for caging nationwide? Anyone have details of specious ACORN investigations in their local area? I know DeVos crony Secretary of State Land, in MI, has caging all set to go for 2008 (seriously). Is one of the new USAs in MI trumping up an investigation against ACORN to justify the caging?

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