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Late Late Nite FDL: When Hoary Met Shallow

black holeWhat’s worse than an anti-environmentalism Op-Ed in the Washington Post by the completely unqualified and defiantly ignorant Emily “Dear Prudence” Yoffe?

Relationship advice from Ann Althouse.

What happens when these two mental midgets connect? A sucking void so profound that not even light can escape.

Behold! An advice video by Ms. Yoffe where a reader wrote in to complain about her boyfriend’s dog.

Behold! The Althousian response:

ADDED: I watched this video, with Dear Prudence responding to a letter written by a woman who didn’t like her boyfriend’s dog. It was cutely put together with animation illustrating the problems — like the sound the dog makes when she’s licking herself — but there was nothing “counterintuitive” about telling the woman she’s got to put up with it or she’ll lose her boyfriend! I’d have told the woman not to sleep overnight with her boyfriend. That dog is annoying her the most during the night. Just pleasantly breeze out of there after you’ve had your fun and let him spend the night with the dog. Shake things up. Or here’s another idea, when the dog licks herself, lick yourself. Give him something to think about.

(emphasis mine)

Um, putting aside the obvious anatomical impossibility, Miz Althouse, your advice sounds like the perfect solution. That is, the perfect advice for someone who wants to spend their dotage watching American Idol all alone while getting smashed on wine from a box.

Thank you and good night.

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