Auditioning for the slime team

Ann Coulter does her schtick and is loathsome as ever. Meanwhile, the lesser Crittenden (and how that must sting to play second fiddle to Danielle, fucker of Frum) decides it looks like good fun (a woman with cancer! dead children! wheeeee!) and decides to use the occasion to fluff up his floundering career at a third-rate newspaper by rooting in his nose and sharing the bounty with the few who stop by.

Gets cancer, says screw it and that family thing, takes the cancer and the kids on the road, stays out there for John, who apparently we need running our country that bad. He’s trying to play both sides saying he’s for civil unions but against gay marriage, and she comes out for gay marriage at San Francisco’s gay parade. It’s meant to be a wink and a nod, I suppose, either that or she’s the trial balloon, but it just makes him look lame. Now she’s duking it out with Ann Coulter, who said the other day if she is going to say anything about John Edwards in future, “I’ll just wish he was killed in a terrorist assassination plot.” She also famously called Elizabeth Edward’s husband a “faggot.” This turned out to be highly divisive language, as of course it was intended to be. John Edwards is, however, indisputably a wienie, and hardly likely to be a terrorism target. He’d be too valuable to them in the off chance he actually became president. But when’s he just going to get out of the way and let the wife be the failed 2008 candidate?

Elizabeth calls in on MSNBC, wants Coulter to stop the personal attacks. It’s an OK move. As I recall, her husband got a lot of headlines and sent out a fundraising letter off that attack. This one, too. Look for a fundraising letter that cites the mental trauma Elizabeth endured bickering with Coulter shortly. But I’d like to see her cut loose. A little more bombastic, self-righteous. Loose (sic) the self pity. A little more, I don’t know, Coulter. Crank it up, Liz, and let’s have a show.

On that son thing, by the way, Coulter might have more sensitively joked about a bumpersticker that said, “Ask me about the 52-foot-long memorial at the high school, the 10-foot statue and the computer education center in memory of my son.” I’ve always wondered how the poor people with dead kids in Raleigh feel about all of that.

For those keeping score at home, Coulter is the bitch. It’s Crittenden who’s the cunt.

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