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Democrats Take Virginia?

webb3.jpgHowie Klein:

This morning’s Moonie Times indicates what DC Insiders have long suspected: that 80 year old fossil, Senator John Warner, will not seek re-election next year. In recent years the Virginia GOP has been torn up– like so many state Republican parties– by battles between conservatives and neo-fascist extremists. When the extremists win the primaries, they often lose the general elections.

It looks like John Warner is being coy to allow Tom Davis to build the momentum to replace him. Sez Howie:

Much of this would be moot if former Governor Mark Warner decides to run for the seat since he is widely popular and much admired throughout the state and could easily beat any of those Republicans who are unknown statewide. Mark Warner’s close friendship with John Warner has keep him out of the race to date– as well as huge speculation that he is Hillary’s #1 choice for vice president.

Tom Davis has been a special kind of irritant on the Waxman committee (dare I say “doofus?”) Having blocked as Chairman any meaningful oversight during his tenure there it certainly would be great to see Mark Warner (or anybody, really) clean his clock in a Senate race.

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Jane Hamsher

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