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Pope Keeps Blair Out of Heaven because of Iraq

Via Cannonfire, I see that Pope former-Nazi has finally done something worthwhile with his position: he told the Poodle that God meant it about that commandment that, Thou shalt not kill.

Tony Blair yesterday used his last official foreign engagement beforeleaving office to tell Pope Benedict he wanted to become a RomanCatholic, a Vatican source said last night.

But, in talks lasting more than half an hour, the outgoing PrimeMinister was left in no doubt that the Pope took a dim view of hisrecord in office.


Vatican sources said the Pope remained unmoved in his view that Blair had been wrong over Iraq.

The whole exchange seems worthy of Monty Python, really. Now perhaps we can hope that Pope former-Nazi starts telling American far right Catholics that that commandment not only applies to Bush’s little war, but also to the death penalty.

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