Alas, Babbling on
Tomorrow we breakfast at Denny’s…

Victor Davis Luke sum ipse patrem te Hanson ponders ending it all over his morning Metamucil:

Watching those film clips and pictures of the Taliban kidnapping Afghans who were de-mining the countryside, and Iranian thuggish police in black hoods hanging a sort of slop bucket around the necks of free-speech dissidents, and the various semi-official and popular Iranian, Pakistani, and Middle Eastern new threats to Sir Rushdie — while a silent West worries instead that the meals for Guantanamo inmates cost only 2-3 times more than the soldiers who guard them — and wondering on a Saturday morning how a post-civilized West can marshal the will to win a war of ideas against pre-civilized Islamists.

I kind of feel bad for letting him down. He really had his heart set on being the Imperial Administrator in the city-state of New Fresno.

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