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Saturday Block Party: Too Sexy For Their Shirts

n722455824_130417_4276.jpgWe had way too much fun this week at the Take Back America conference and I loaded photos of the event onto our FDL Group Facebook site (anyone can be a member). Members of the group got an advance peek at them when I sent out an email letting them know that familiar faces like Joe Wilson, Chris Bowers, Donna Edwards, Tim Tagaris, Atrios, David Niewert, Bob Geiger and the heretofore enigmatic Digby could all be seen in full conference mode in our photo gallery — all that’s missing are the Shriner’s hats and those little plastic martini glasses.

I also learned a trick to encourage someone sign up for Facebook real fast. After I uploaded the photos I tagged them with the names of those who appear in them, and there was an option to send the non-facebook photographees an email:

3:46pm: I tag tag two photos with Marcy’s name. Marcy is immediately notified that there are pictures of her online.

4:01pm: Marcy Wheeler joins Facebook.

4:06 pm: Jane Hamsher wrote: “I knew I could lure you in with photos.”

4:08pm: Marcy Wheeler wrote: “Damnit Jane! That was a dirty trick!”

There is also quite a furious “caption this photo” contest for the above photo of Stoller and Bowers raging over there. So far Stoller gets high marks for his own “someone is explaining the concept of ‘dating’ to us, and we’re skeptical.” The suggestion was also made that someone was trying to pass Bowers and onion ring. Thanks to their recent Althousian re-interpretation of that item that could mean roughly the same thing.

Also Brian Keeler has a video of Digby at the Blogger Panel (she’s pretty much in full-on panic mode at this point, only hours away from her speech and being carefully guarded by blogger public speaking guru Joel Silberman, but she looks lovely). Digby started out racing through her speech for Joel at 8 in the morning in my hotel room and it was a remarkable speech from the start but by the end of the day Joel had really taught her how to own it. As she says, he’s a miracle worker and anyone who speaks in public should consider engaging him. I’ve worked with him on many occasions and he also coached Marcy and me when we were in DC doing our Libby trial videos with PoliticsTV. He’s a genius.

We’re trying to find a web designer that can retool FDL for some of the social networking stuff we’re trying to incorporate here, but every time I look at portfolios it’s always full of vanity websites nobody goes to full of slow-loading multi-media shit. Nice eye candy but it’s actually harder to find someone to do the kind of clean design a heavily trafficked, functional site needs to have. I realize I may wind up wanting to shoot myself in the face for opening up the floodgates like this but you gotta start somewhere.

And finally, I’m interested in hearing from people who want to keep their anonymity and still have a presence on Facebook. Many, like Pach and Punaise, have done it successfully (Pach used “Firedoglake” as his surname, I guess it could well be a family thing). What’s your experience been?

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