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Winger: Bush's white Southern male judicial nominees victims of racial bias

I thought I had seen it all from these folks on the right, but this one takes the cake:

A group that promotes constitutionalist judicial nominees says Senate Democrats have fearfully caved in to the “hysterics” of liberal special-interest groups that have stridently opposed all of President Bush?s Appeals Court nominees who are white Southern males.

…The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote soon on Mississippi Judge Leslie Southwick, nominated by President Bush for the Fifth Circuit. Curt Levey, executive director of the Committee for Justice, says Democrats have leveled “shameful” charges against Bush’s nominees by seizing on a few of their briefs or rulings that had a politically incorrect result.

Alrighty then. What is he talking about? Maybe the problem is because “white Southern male” Southwick signed on to this:

In 1998, while on the Mississippi Court of Appeals, Southwick joined a ruling in an employment case that upheld the reinstatement, without any punishment whatsoever, of a white state employee who was fired for calling an African American co-worker a “good ole nigger.” The court’s decision effectively ratified a hearing officer’s opinion that the slur was only “somewhat derogatory” and “was in effect calling the individual a ‘teacher’s pet.'” The Mississippi Supreme Court unanimously reversed the decision.

Or this:

Southwick also joined a gratuitously anti-gay opinion in a custody case, upholding a trial court’s decision to take an eight-year-old girl away from her birth mother, in large part because the child was living in a “lesbian home.” Southwick was given every opportunity yesterday to disassociate himself from these rulings, and he spurned them all.

And so, Levey has nothing left except the race card to play:

Levey says for Democrats and their liberal allies to attack a man’s character when their real complaint is the color of his skin is “despicable.”

I do love this comment left at the OneNewsNow site (where this article appeared):

He does not stand a chance against these people because he is Southern, white and intelligent. Liberals will have their way as usual and another “decent” judge will be blocked so we can put ignorance in place. That way, all homosexual activist, child sexual predators and every other criminal can be free to threaten the rest of us.

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