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Late Late Nite FDL: Giuliani Regrets Joining Iraq Study Group

asshatchq2.gifIraq Study Group regrets not stuffing Giuliani into a sack filled with angry weevils when they had the chance.

Oh good. America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani says it was a mistake to join the Iraq Study Group because of his busy campaign schedule. Yeah, the good bud of the a-hole who brought us this catastrophe — and linked it to the September 11th attacks — just couldn’t be bothered. From Kagro X:

“How much of a prick is Rudy Giuliani? So much that he basically got fired from the Iraq Study Group by James Baker because he never went to any of the meetings. And where was he instead? Cashing in on his 9/11 celebrity class.”

Now just think of the SCLM outrage if instead of Giuliani it had been a Democrat:

Money more important to B. Hussein Obama than national security!!

Hitlery says screw the troops — what’s in it for me?

Xlinton cashing in on terror attack!!

Troops dying in Iraq small change compared to {insert Dem name here}’s pocketbook!

I don’t know whom I’m more disgusted with.

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