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Freep the KATU “lesbians kiss on a bus” poll

Our local ABC affiliate, KATU, has been following the story of the two lesbian teenagers kicked off a TriMet bus for kissing after a passenger complained.  Subsequently, the driver has been punished by TriMet, but they won’t release the details of the punishment.

Now KATU has an online poll (down toward lower right) asking:

Should a TriMet driver face discipline for kicking two kissing 14-year-old girls off his bus?

…and that poll is running 54% NO, 46% YES.

Amazing.  TriMet has a policy against kicking minors off a bus, which is only rational, since you could be dropping them off god-knows-anywhere, they could face all sorts of dangers in certain neighborhoods or they could be stranded without any money or transportation  for quite a while.  Their policy also states that if adults are kicked off a bus (which is OK), TriMet has to help arrange for alternate transportation (often, a police car or a cab).  We’re talking about a fourteen- and fifteen-year-old teenage girls here.  My niece is thirteen; if any bus driver kicked her off a bus I’d be livid, I don’t care who she was kissing.

But I’m stunned to see that a majority of the poll respondents feel lesbian kissing is so reprehensible that it warrants endagering child safety.  Help me tip that poll back to sanity, will ya?

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