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Wayne Besen [pictured] wrote an excellent article, “Exodus’ Tortured Chambers,” on his blog.

“Only a day before ‘ex-gay’ leader Alan Chambers admitted that praying away the gay doesn’t work, the Southern Baptist Convention was working to expand its ex-gay ministry program. The once slavery-loving church, hired Texas pastor Bob Stith as its National Strategist for Gender Issues, with the goal of promoting ex-gay programs within the denomination.”  [For the full article, see here and also read the comments on that article.]

As I wrote in my post last Tuesday, entitled, “The Death Throes of the ‘Ex-Gay’ Movement,” “Alan, how about saying, ‘By no means would we now ever say that changing one’s sexual orientation toward another adult should ever occur, as we trust God, so we’re going out of business and are not going to hurt people anymore?’ How about it?”

People like Alan Chambers have worshiped at the feet of such forces as reactionary professing Christian fundamentalists and their twisted ideologies for far too long, and have sought to impose their own tortured lives and psyches onto other emotionally vulnerable people for which they have been paid quite handsomely. 

Their “ex-gay” ideology has quite neatly conformed to their material and/or psychological gains and, now, when the scam of the whole “ex-gay” industry is palpably obvious to all but the most pitiable, they have now sought to align themselves with all-too-willing therapists who are content to counsel Gay people to behave in accordance with their religious views, even if it means living a life devoid of meaningful sexual and emotional relationships, rather than counseling their emotionally vulnerable clients to examine their fealty to a religion that they mistakenly think denies them the validity and viability of their emotional/sexual orientations.

When religious fundamentalists (and many others) think of Gay people, they almost always focus on the sexual aspects of being Gay.  They never even consider the emotional aspects of the Gay person (the major barometer of truly defining a Gay person in the first place), as their own lives are frequently devoid of the emotional richness that would, at the very least, have them reconsider their stance on same-sex attraction and love. 

Their virtually exclusive focus on the sexual aspects of Gay people tells us far more about their twisted theology, and their own pathetic emotional/sexual ignorance, immaturity, and, very likely, pathology, than it does about anything else.

If,  by some very slim chance, anyone feels sorry for Alan Chambers and his ilk, or in any way doubts the destructive influences they have had in people’s lives, see the following brief video by Wayne Besen.

Jerry Maneker

Jerry Maneker